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  • Medical needs of the client are evaluated by personally speaking with the client/family/RN Case Manager or by reviewing medical records
  • A Senior Journey communicates with any healthcare provider that would enable better identification of all medical needs of the client.
  • Determination is made about what level of care and what type of facility would be most appropriate.
  • The client’s financial situation is reviewed to determine what is affordable.
  • Geographical preference is taken into consideration when finding the appropriate setting.
  • A Senior Journey will present options to the client and family that meet their medical, social, geographical and financial requirements.


  • Support is provided to the family throughout their decision making process.
  • Provide resources regarding: home health, home care, hospice, geriatric case management, fiduciary, elder law attorney, movers, downsizing/packing, pet sitting, and physicians/nurse practitioners that make house calls.
  • Provide list of frequently asked questions prior to touring the facilities.
  • Coordination is provided with Social Workers and RN Case Managers to arrange services, required paperwork and equipment for client’s discharge and transfer to the chosen facility
  • A Senior Journey provides personal follow-up in homes and centers after placement.