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Kristine was incredible,  and mom (Neila) moved on Tuesday, almost a week later her husband Bob joined her, his daughter Tara and I rearranged their room for them, and brought some comfort items from their trailer. They are so thrilled to be reunited, sharing the same room. They rushed to have us both leave today at 5!

Finding this home for them, on the same day we spoke, was a miracle. We are so very grateful to you and the relief we feel knowing they are in a homey, safe, clean place is immeasurable. It has been a tough week, but having them together again and so content has helped us feel much better.”

Ed & Tara

Amanda helped me tremendously with my Father. She was willing to give great advice knowing she would get nothing in return because of his insurance. She serves seniors from the heart!”


A true professional!! Amanda is one of the kindest and sincere people I have ever worked within this industry. As a facility owner, I recommend her service where she goes above and beyond to help families in placing their loved ones appropriately..”


“Amanda is one of the most caring professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. As a geriatric nurse practitioner, I know the importance of working with someone who understands the issues. Amanda is that person.”


Great service. Amanda goes above and beyond to help! Her kindness and professionalism is unmatched! Her ability to answer all your questions and make a hard time easier is wonderful. She truly cares about the whole, your senior, your feelings and helping make decisions with calm in your heart! Thank you for doing what you do! You are appreciated!


“I am so delightfully impressed with Amanda at A Senior Journey. Amanda found a wonderful home for my brother. Their care, understanding, and approach to the home/family environment is excellent. Thank you, Amanda. I could never have found this marvelous place without you!


“Amanda, without your amazing assistance, Myrtle would never have found her new home. You showed such knowledge of every aspect of the process. You showed daily “lifting up” of Myrtle and you made it happen for us, and her, with no complications. Your ability to perform your job is only surpassed by your compassion.”

Jim & Sheila

“Thank you again, Amanda. You provide a wonderful service and I am grateful for your excellent help. I was in crisis mode when I called you and you immediately made me feel that my expectations were not unreasonable. You moved quickly to find me the home that would be most suitable for my uncle. Thank you.”

Vicky M.

“Amanda, I just wanted to thank you for taking me around this morning. I really appreciate you guiding me and scoping things out for me. I would never have found that hidden jewel. We are excited to move mom in! Thanks again!”

Sandra O.

“Amanda, I talked to my dad today. He is in his new place and sounded very at peace and he is comfortable. He is being very well cared for at the home. They have a very caring and experienced staff there. What a blessing that you found that location for us!”

Susie L.

“Kristine was very helpful in finding just the right senior living home for my friend Jim. She answered all of our questions, and provided answers to questions we did not even know to ask. Most importantly, she was always very respectful, and did not force her opinions on him. Thanks!”

Robert S.